The Logic of Resurrection

2 Timothy 2:15 – Make an effort to present yourself to God as a tried-and-true worker, who doesn’t need to be ashamed but is one who interprets the message of truth correctly. (CEB)

When we think and speak about the resurrected Christ – the reality of Resurrection Life – we should have in mind the source of all power in creation generally and the church specifically (Rom. 1:3; 2:16; 16:25; 1Cor. 15:1, 4, 12-20; 2Cor. 11:7; Gal. 1:11; 2:2; Phil. 2:5-11; 1Tim. 1:11). The logic of resurrection is not simply a competing notion, an ideology over against contrary ideologies, but the actual, factual resurrection of humanity in Christ as the reconciling factor of God’s worldview (vs. 8). The Resurrection Event is not a power struggle or a battle for control between competing religions, but it is truth that cannot be housed, held captive, or otherwise contained by any human power-base (vs. 9-10).

This saying is reliable: The Logic of Resurrection (vs. 11-13) – this reconciling event – is based on the faithfulness of Christ, not on the high and low tides of human religions (including pseudo-Christianity). If we have died together with Him, we will also live together with Him. If we remain together with Him in the life supply of Resurrection Life, we will also reign together with Him. If we contradict the logic of His Killing Cross and Resurrection Life with our religious notions, He will also contradict the logic of our perversion and idolatry. If we are without the logic of faith (but only have a counterfeit religion), He remains full of faith; for he cannot contradict the logic of Himself.

Human religions have failed miserably to reconcile creation with God. Thus, God moved toward us in the faithfulness of Christ – His Cross and His Resurrection. In fact, our human attempts (still) divide us from God and God’s worldview. Paul uses medical terminology to describe the conflicts inherent in counterfeit religions (vs. 14-17): “They are like gangrene, gnawing and eating, spreading like an improperly treated disease, from the place originally infected consuming the neighboring parts of the body and, at length, destroying the whole body.” It is the Logic of Resurrection – the faithfulness of Christ alive in us; life for living – that “makes straight cuts, dissecting correctly the logic of truly truth;” separating the truth from the perverse lie for the reconciliation of creation.